’s Chris Mortensen is reporting this evening that upon Wayne Huizenga’s assurances he’ll not be selling the Dolphins, Bill Parcell has agreed in principal to a 4-year pact much like the one described below by the Miami Herald’s Armando Saluergo.

Bill Parcells is negotiating the final details of a contract that would bring him to the Dolphins to head the team’s football operations.

The negotiations have been ongoing between Parcells’ agent Jimmy Sexton and Miami owner Wayne Huizenga.

Although published and Internet reports early Wednesday said Parcells was ready to take an offer from the Atlanta Falcons to become their vice president in charge of football operations — a job that would grant him the power to hire a general manager and head coach — Parcells backed out of that offer today.

Parcells, 66, is now entering the final stages of talks with the Dolphins, according to multiple sources. The Dolphins officially declined to comment.

”Prior to the information [becoming] public, we reached agreement in principle with Bill,” Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank said in a statement. “We met this morning to complete the contract. At that time we were made aware that he is considering a revised offer from the Miami Dolphins.

“He later informed us he would not be signing a contract with us.”

I’m gonna go slightly out on a limb here and predict Ricky Williams will not receive an invite to training camp.