“True or false,” asks Peter Segall of the NBDL’s new “Go Pro” promotion, “everyone in these videos is actually Harold Miner and/or Chris Corchiani.” The answer is false, but the question is interesting.

The promotion, for its part, is kind of a bummer: people make “audition tapes” of themselves playing basketball — in the case of this guy, it’s an edited TV broadcast of an MWC game in which he’s constantly pulling Colorado State to within 8 points of UNLV; in most cases, it’s someone dunking and shooting uncontested 3-pointers either in a college rec center or on an outdoor basketball court in the middle of some blasted Midwestern heath. Or both. Or they’re Dean Cain. Either way, it makes strange, slightly saddening viewing, especially the Dean Cain one. One of these dudes will apparently get a spot on some D-League team or other (for credibility’s sake, fans are voting), while the rest of them — like this guy — will go back to winning local slam dunk championships. Do they even have those?

Also, pre-emptively, to Gerard: if my video of myself getting uncontested rebounds in my semi-weekly game and making threes alone in the gym gets me a job with a D-League team, my posting volume will go down precipitously.