(Jacque would like to remind you that tickets for next month’s Embarrassment reunion shows are selling fast)

San Antonio has signed veteran G Jacques Vaughn
. I know this because I get an annoying email message any time someone in the Spurs organization stubs their toe or the Coytoes are having dance tryouts or David Robinson needs the toner in his copier changed. Seriously, if you’re ever buying Spurs tickets, be sure to opt-out of the Spurs EMail Blasts or those motherfuckers will be on your ass like Chris X. Brodeur promoting Open Mike (Bloomberg’s Head) Night.

Nets Daily cites “Serbain newspapers” as claiming New Jersey have opened talks with Mile Illic.
Despite claimed interest from the Cavs, Toronto has signed swingman Anthony Parker, a two-time Euroleague MVP with Maccabi Tel Aviv to a two-year pact.

Following the lead of LeBron, Flash and Carmelo Anthony, the Raptors’ Chris Bosh has reportedly opted to sign a 3 year deal with an opt-out clause in year 4. RaptorBlog’s Scott Carefoot considers the implications.

Bosh is greedy. Where’s his loyalty to the team and his fans? Oh, please. Like you wouldn’t at least consider doing the exact same thing if your agent explained to you how much more money you can make. Also, why wouldn’t Bosh want to keep his options open? This “Euro-experiment” looks good now. But if this team has gone nowhere in four seasons (after the final year of his rookie contract and the three guaranteed years of his next contract), I won’t blame him for wanting to go elsewhere.

Bosh is gone in 2010. Book it. Well, if you’re in the camp that this team is going to be a Euro-embarrassment, then you might be right. But if the Raptors are looking like championship contenders going into the 2010-11 season, then Bosh will probably stay with the team that can pay him the most money and possibly help him win a title.

Anyway, it’s ridiculous to sweat what might happen four years from now. A lot can happen in four years. Do you know how many Raptors from the 2001-02 Raptors are still on the team? Two “ Mo Pete and Alvin Williams. If you really think you can predict where this team will be in four seasons, then you should stop wasting your time on this blog and start getting rich on the stock market and sports betting.