From the Daily Texan’s Adam H. Covici and Clint Johnson :

You could say Colton Pitonyak had a rough summer.

In June, he served 20 days in jail for a previous cocaine charge. A month and a half after he got out, he was charged with committing the most brutal campus-area crime in recent memory.

The 22-year-old student, charged with murdering Jennifer Cave, 21, dismembering her body and fleeing to Mexico, previously spent a month in drug rehab. He has a drug problem. That much is clear.

Jenna Jasso, a UT mechanical engineering senior, dated Pitonyak’s friend, Juan Montero, and knew Cave from her high school in Corpus Christi.

She describes Cave as an outgoing person who wanted desperately to fit in, and may have used her sexuality to get attention from guys.

“She came to school halfway through senior year after everyone had already made friends, and started doing some scandalous things to fit in,” Jasso said.

Note to all female CSTB readers —- try very hard not to be brutally murdered & hacked up, because a local newspaper might track down a high school classmate who will imply you were asking for it.