Well done and a $5 Arby’s gift certificate to whichever ESPN cameraman managed to find the one LA Clippers fan in attendance tonight at the NBA Draft.

So far :

1) Clippers – Blake Griffin (Oklahoma)
2) Grizzlies – Hasheem Thabeet (UConn)
3) Thunder –  James Harden (Arizona State)
4) Kings – Tyreke Evans (Memphis)
5) T-Wolves – Ricky Rubio (DKV Jovenhut Badalona)

(Rubio, as quoted by True Hoop’s Henry Abbott :
Q. Are you excited to go to Minnesota?

A. I’m excited to come to the NBA.

He was also asked about whether being picked by the ‘Wolves might inspire him to stay in Europe.

He said:”I don’t know yet. I have to think about that … I’m going to talk to my agent about that and we’re going to see.”
6) T-Wolves –  Jonny Flynn (Syracuse)  looks like Curry will be available at #7…
7)  Warriors – Stephen Curry (Davidson) (Knicks fans go nuclear)

8) Knicks – Jordan Hill (Arizona)  (mucho booing from Knicks faithful trying to out-boor Jets fans.  However, Minnesota has two PG’s in their pocket tonight, so perhaps there’s still a chance of Walsh landing Rubio.

(UPDATE : tonight, the role of Donnie Walsh will be played by Jerry Lewis)

9) Raptors – DeMar DeRozan  (USC) (once again, Tim Floyd’s work as a quality educator pays off)
10) Bucks – Brandon Jennings (Lottomatica Virtus Roma) (Jennings complained of spending Xmas in Italy. He’s gonna love Milwaukee!)
11) Nets – Terrence Williams (Louisville)
12) Bobcats – Gerald Henderson (Duke)
13) Indiana – Tyler Hansbrough  (North Carolina)   (MSG crowd chants “overrated”, to which Mark Jackson replies, “do you recognize his body of work?”)
14) Suns – Earl Clark (Louisville) (“Earl is not here,” explains David Stern, “but Brandon Jennings is here!” “I’ve never seen the NBA go out of order like that” gasps a shocked Jay Bilas)
15) Pistons – Austin Daye (Gonzaga) (Bilas speaks longingly of Daye’s “length”, Stuart Scott reveals the 190 pound F “loves video games”. So they’ve drafted a sophisticate, then)
16) Bulls – James Johnson (Wake)
17) Sixers – Jrue Holliday (UCLA) (either ESPN’s microphones are next to Holliday’s family or there’s a handful of Philly phans who like the pick)
18) T-Wolves – Ty Lawson (North Carolina) (Lawson’s being flipped to Denver, reportedly)
19) Hawks – Jeff Teague (Wake) (S. Scott promises an upcoming interview with Larry Brown. No prizes for guessing how the NYC audience reacts)
20) Utah – Eric Maynor (VA Commonwealth)
21) Darren Collison (UCLA)
22) Blazers – Victor Claver (Spain) (the Fraschilla Monster calls him the next Rudy Fernandez)

23) Kings – Omri Casspi (Israel)

(Shaq sends condolences to the Jacksons, congratulates the draftees, says he’s “elated” at the Cleveland trade. No chats with LeBron, “but I’ve had many mental conversations with him. I know he’s watching and listening right now.” Would O’Neal be willing to come off the bench? He reminds Lisa Solters he once played behind “the great Stanley Roberts”)

24) Mavs – B.J. Mullens (Ohio State)   Freshman who started a grand total of two games last season.  But you know what they say, you can’t teach size. I think they say that in basketball, too.

25) Thunder – Rodrique Beaubois (Guadeloupe)  (Bucher claims Dallas and OKC will swap Mullens and Beaubois — so why didn’t the Mavs take Beaubois?)

Another year, another first round with no NJIT players picked.

OK – I’m going somewhere without a TV for a bit. Shall gaze at Tweets from various hoops scribes tonight while waiting in line to perform “Earth Song” at karaoke.