Joe Benigno briefly stopped by Mike & The Mad Dog’s WFAN/YES Network show today…and at the risk of sounding unusually cruel, never has the expression “a face made for radio” been more apt. And it isn’t like Francesca and Russo are a pair of oil paintings, either.

If you missed the YES simulcast, trust me, the pic above is incredibly flattering. Unless YES executives think the visage of a man who looks like the result of a failed experiement in splicing the DNA of Dennis Farina and Freddy Kruger is appropriate TV when kids are arriving home from school, this was a terrible error in judgement. While Phil Mushnick and Will Leitch sputter in condemnation of Stuart Scott’s inspired attempt at bringing poetry to the masses, neither have written a word of protest about this egregious assualt on innocent eyeballs. For shame!