(pic courtesy mgoblog)

Organizers estimate that as many as 2,000 people will participate in the vigil for the late Penn State coach following the team’s Homecoming football game against Michigan. They also hope it becomes an annual event.

Heather Wilson, a 1995 Penn State graduate, created a Facebook page dedicated to the vigil, which is scheduled to begin at the former site of the Paterno statue outside the stadium. Wilson said in an email that by the group plans to recognize Paterno, who died in January 2012, by “circling the stadium with light.”

“We want to honor tradition and Penn State’s proud history of Success with Honor,” Wilson said. “While we love our new Coach [Bill] O’Brien and all of our scholar athletes, students and most especially this football team, we also remember and honor Coach Joe Paterno. Since the University seems to be unwilling or unable to do any remembrance of his life, we wanted to do this event.”

– Mark Wogenrich, Allentown Morning Call, October 11, 2013

In defense of Ms. Wilson and her fellow alumn /apologists, they’ve probably attended so many dozens of candlelight vigils for the victims of sexual predators, surely it was time to address something as all-important as Joe Paterno’s missing losses.