With a remake of George Romero’s 1972 saga “The Crazies” hitting multiplexes over the weekend, Oklahoma City’s MVP candidate Kevin Durant — a self-styled horror buff — weighs in with the following review.

It was kind of like a new-age zombie movie about a disease taking over a town and taking over most of the people. Only a couple of people got out alive, and I think an army quarantined the whole city and shut off the highways. It was intense “ a lot of blood. It was cool how it ended, but I won™t spoil it for you.

I usually don™t watch scary movies by myself. I usually watch them with a friend or a teammate or someone. I saw this one with James, Jeff and Eric. We just went to the theater at a local mall and since it was a Saturday night it was real crowded. Obviously, we were some of the tallest people there so they were asking if we played ball. We just sat in the middle back row so we could see everything. But as far as scary movies go, sometimes you just want to see something intense, and I get that feeling watching scary movies. That™s how I felt yesterday. It was definitely something I would recommend for people to go see.

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