Since last night’s Knicks loss to the Clippers is too depressing to discuss (other than Vin Baker managing to play 7 minutes without ordering a drink), let’s instead get nostalgic for the events of last Friday night, when the Knicks managed a rare win over the LeBron-less Cavaliers. From Slam Online :

We have it from someone who should know that the barely reported verbal tiff between Steph and Kurt Thomas on the Knicks bench during a timeout Friday night went down something like this. It started apparently because Kurt was pissed off at Steph for either  dribbling too much or taking a bad shot on a recent possession, and saying so to Steph.

Steph:  “Fuck you, man.”

Kurt: “Fuck YOU. Everyone in this organization is afraid of you, but I’m not, and I will beat your ass.”

And then they had to be separated. Your move, Isiah.