(loathsome character no. 1 shares a quiet word with no. 2)

The Dallas/Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Gil LeBreton talks pretty tough for a guy whose hometown team is starting Drew Bledsoe at quarterback.

Then again, considering the opposition’s QB mess, perhaps he’s entitled.

Since George Allen has gone to That Great Motel Spying Perch in the Sky, nobody here seems to hate the Washington Redskins anymore.

And that’s a pity, because Redskins owner Daniel Snyder appears to be as loathsome a character as any who has played a part in the rivalry’s 46-year history.

Cowboys fans are no doubt amused by the team’s recent record against Allen’s old team — 14 victories in the last 15 meetings, going into tonight’s Monday Night Football matchup.

But longtime Washington faithful have to be disgusted, and that includes Snyder, who grew up in Rockville, Md., hailing to the Redskins.

The Cowboys’ annual mastery, frankly, makes no sense, when you consider that the streak spans the tenures of four Cowboys head coaches and seven starting quarterbacks, three of whom were named Randall Cunningham, Anthony Wright and Chad Hutchinson.

The Redskins, meanwhile, have also changed head coaches. Current coach Joe Gibbs is the team’s fifth since Snyder bought the team in May 1999.

The ‘Skins have changed quarterbacks. They’ve bought — and eventually released — high-priced free agents, including the always self-effacing Deion Sanders. They’ve moved their training camp. Fired 25 employees. Sliced the number of Washington Post season tickets from 279 to 12.

And still, the Redskins can’t seem to beat the Cowboys.

The one recent constant? The Napoleon-sized Snyder.

Draw your own conclusions.