I don’t recall Stu Jackson being much of a tutor during his coaching days with the Knicks or Grizzlies, but if he can teach a defensive whiz like Bruce Bowen a thing or two, I’m not gonna complain.  From the Newark Star-Ledger’s David Waldstein.

Stu Jackson, the NBA’s czar of discipline, said he was investigating Bruce Bowen’s foot maneuver that led to Steve Francis’ injury Monday. He also said there would not be a suspension, meaning Bowen (above) will be available to play against the Knicks tonight in San Antonio.Francis’ availability is a “game-time” decision, according to Knicks coach Isiah Thomas.

Bowen has done the same thing to Vince Carter (twice), Carmelo Anthony, Ray Allen and Vladimir Radmanovic, which is why Jackson is looking into it. But Jackson said he was concerned only that the Spurs forward has a tendency — not necessarily intentional — to move his feet under shooters when they jump. If so, Jackson simply wants to help him stop, but there won’t be any disciplinary action.

“Oh, no,” Jackson said. “In the past he hasn’t allowed the shooter to come down. I’ll look at the video evidence and see if it’s the technique that he’s using so that he can avoid in the future.”

Jackson, who was at the Toyota Center last night, acknowledged that a foul should have been called on the play, in which Bowen stuck his left foot under Francis’ left foot as he was coming down. Francis sprained his left ankle and has missed two games, including last night’s against the Rockets.

Thomas wouldn’t come out and say the play was dirty, but said he would have handled it differently if someone had done it to him.

“I’d beat the (stuffing) out of somebody,” he said. “Really, I would. That’s murder. Excuse me, but in the NBA, when you’re in the air, you’re really exposed and there’s a certain code. Since grade school, the guy’s up in the air, at any point in time you want to, you can take a guy out. There’s certain things you just don’t do.”

ESPN.com’s Marc Stein
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