From the Associated Press :

Most fans still love him in San Francisco, so this week will be Bonds’ first real taste of the taunting he’s likely to get whenever he’s away from the friendly confines of SBC Park.

“Boos, you’re supposed to boo me, shoot,” Bonds said, laughing. “They ain’t mad at you, they like you, man. They’re supposed to boo you — because I’m good, that’s why. I’m coming to get them. … I don’t care, bring it on, baby. You’re supposed to [boo]. It’s all good.”

“I’ve been hearing wild fans my whole career for 20 years,” Bonds said. “Why should that bother me?”

How dull would a contrite, earplug-wearing Barry Bonds be at this point? The only thing scarier for MLB than a sub-.500 Padres going far in the post-season would be if the Barry-led Giants got there instead.