The Chinese Basketball Association’s Qingdao Eagles are 0-7 since the arrival of 14-year NBA veteran Tracy McGrady, who despite scoring 37 points in today’s 114-102 loss to Beijing, earned more than a share of negative attention for an incident described by’s Stephen Coston :

Fed up with all the losing, T-Mac wasn’t in the mood for shenanigans.  So when Beijing’s Ji Zhe broke out the Mutombo finger wag after connecting on a late three-pointer to put the Ducks up 22, T-Mac hit him with an elbow to the chest that knocked Zhe to the floor.

Based on what I’ve gathered from a translated Sina Sports article, McGrady was not ejected from the game for what Stephon Marbury called “a dirty play.”  Officials don’t go to replay on these sort of things in the CBA, and based on the video it’s unclear whether or not they even saw exactly what happened.