The New York Daily News’ Frank Isola, while throwing in a gratuitious jibe directed at James Dolan’s highly esoteric brand of blues rock (can’t a visionary businessman flex his artistic chops every now and then without jealous types like Isola making cheap shots?), reveals that a certain no. 33-wearing, guarantee-making, lap-dance loving big man might be returning to MSG.

The Knicks continue to say things are business as usual and Brown is apparently taking that same approach. According to sources, Brown is considering hiring Patrick Ewing to the coaching staff.

Ewing, currently an assistant with the Houston Rockets, has talked to the Knicks in recent years about rejoining the organization but has never been offered a coaching position. Ewing turned down a chance to join the Nets’ coaching staff last season.

However, Ewing has wanted to return to the New York area, where he recently purchased a home.

If Ewing joins Brown’s staff, that could mean that Brown is trying to move out two of Thomas’ close associates, Mark Aguirre and George Glymph. Both Aguirre and Glymph came to New York two weeks after Thomas was hired and Brown inherited the two plus Herb Williams.

Brown brought in Dave Hanners, Phil Ford and Brendan O’Connor from the Pistons last summer. It is unclear if the Knicks promised Brown that he could eventually hire an entire coaching staff.

The LA Times’ Jason Reid credits Sam Cassell with “changing the culture” surrounding the Clippers this past season, as Sam-I-Am-36-Years-Old begins campaigning for a two year deal.

Raja Bell might be out for the remainder of the Western Confernce finals, while Josh Howard is doubtful for tonight’s Suns/Mavs Game 2. Chances of a Mbenga/Tskiishvili battle before the series is over are that much less remote.

Surely I’m not the only person hoping that when the series moves to Phoenix, Paul Shirley is revealed to be the man in the Gorilla suit?

The Oregonian’s John Canzano has been in the biz long enough that he doesn’t mind giving the Blazers’ website a little guidance, particularly in light of the club misquoting a colleague.

They erroneously quoted Oregonian beat reporter Jason Quick in the original transcript. In response to a Steve Patterson comment of, “So I think it unfair to try to cast (Paul Allen) in an unfavorable light.” the Blazers had Quick saying, “I don™t think that™s unfair to do.”

What Quick really said: “I don’t think that’s what I’m trying to do.”

A little friendly new-policy advice for the Blazers: When you’re setting the microphone level for your digital tape recorder, be sure to have it set to “high” when you begin the interview. Setting it to “low” is a rookie mistake that some cub reporters make.