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The Detroit Free Press’ Drew Sharp declares for the Pistons, “it’s over.”

There’s nothing wrong with acknowledging the end. It proves that you didn’t take the heights to which the Pistons soared the last five seasons for granted. You appreciate the commitment required.

But only when you concede the end can you pave the way for rebirth. It’s the circle of basketball life, and the Pistons find themselves in a familiar position.

This fall was only shocking in its execution. Its timing shouldn’t amaze. Five years usually is the shelf life of sustained NBA excellence. Players get tired of each other. They stop talking to each other. And worse, they stop listening to each other. A key factor in the Pistons’ defensive breakdowns during LeBron James’ one-man Palace assault in Game 5 was a lack of communication.

When the Heat bounced the Pistons in six games last year, there was no denial that it was the superior team. But the Heat’s rise to the conference championship resembled a one-year aberration. Shaquille O’Neal was healthy and hearty for probably the last time in his career. He badly wanted that Kobe-free championship.

The Cavaliers, however, aren’t going anywhere. They are now the destination of the graying veteran of proportioned skill looking for a supporting role in acquiring that elusive championship ring.

The Pistons aren’t that stop anymore.

The Beard’s Daniel Turman
has a rather unique take on the forthcoming Cavs/Spurs finals :

I have a feeling that this series may very well be decided by the Brazil versus the US Virgin Islands subtext. If Sideshow Varejao can reliably d-up Duncan, at least enough to keep him from having monster nights, the Cavs might be able to stay in this. But they need some more Daniel Gibson too. And some Larry Hughes. And some Big Z. They need points. They will need them. Lots of them. Like, as in scoring.

Spurs in six”but only after Big-Shot Bob gets thrown out of the series for accidentally hip-checking Daniel Gibson into Eva Longoria giving her a black eye and like totally ruining her wedding to Monsieur Parker.