Norman Chad has already described his move from Rolling Rock to Shiner as “among the seven or eight monumental mistakes I™ve made in my tortured adult life.” Hot Shit College Student surveys Norm’s new choice and opines, “Chad is a fucking drooling idiot.”

It’s Pabst Blue Ribbon, baby.
I like saying, “PBR.” I like how comfortable it feels in my hands and at a bowling alley. I like the fact that, if I pop one open at night and forget to finish it, I can put it in my dog’s water bowl in the morning and let him finish it.

It was the beer of choice for the surgeons in the 1970 movie “M*A*S*H.”

Does Budweiser have a blue ribbon? No. Pabst Blue Ribbon used to kick Bud’s butt — PBR even won the blue ribbon for best beer at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893.

Sure, you say, times have changed since 1893. You’re right — THEY’VE GOTTEN WORSE. So let’s go back to a simpler, saner America, where we all sat on the front of the porch instead of in front of a TV, where we once could chew the fat amiably and chew a blade of grass, where Pabst literally used to wrap a blue ribbon around the neck of its bottles.

Replies HSCS, “Chad dumped his old beer because Anheuser-Busch bought and now produces it, then picks a piss brewed by Miller? I could rip his readers’ unrefined suggestions too, but at least no one is pimping the fascist froth that oozes from the Rocky Mountains.”