Ok, it’s not quite the US beating Russia at Lake Placid, nor is it Buster Douglas knocking out Mike Tyson.  It’s not even Gang Green winning the 1986 WBCN Rumble.  But coming a couple of days after Bob Ryan decried the World Baseball Classic being “padded with no-hopers”, how can you not delight in the Netherlands’ 3-2 victory over the Dominican Republic in Pool D?

The New York Times’ Jack Curry writes, “the Dominicans tried to figure out how they lost to a team full of players they had never heard of”, but surely the heavily favored side must’ve been familar with winning pitcher Sidney Ponson (above)?   Our Sid hasn’t looked so fearsome since the last time a bartender told him “buddy, I think you’ve had enough”, and surely bringing the WBC trophy to Holland Aruba would result in some kind of award from Queen Beatrix.  A knighthood, maybe, or failing that, a handjob.