…Michael Beasley peddled his collection of designer handbags! Twin Cities Business’ Kevin Mahoney reports venerable Minneapolis scribe/commentator Sid Hartman, 93, is holding an estate sale this Saturday and Sunday.

Best known for his many “close, personal friends” in the sports community, Hartman has been a fixture of Minnesota sports journalism for nearly 70 years. According to Estate Sales, he will attend Saturday’s sale at 10 a.m. for about two hours to sign autographs for those who make purchases.

Hartman is selling clothes such as suits, shirts, pants, and shoes. He’ll also be selling autographed copies of books he authored and bobblehead dolls, according to Estate Sales Minnesota.

Dana Arvidson, owner of Estate Sales Minnesota, told Twin Cities Business that estate sales usually take place when a family member has died or someone is moving into a smaller home or apartment. However, she said Hartman’s sale is designed simply to unload his excess clothing and he isn’t planning a move.