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Though past, present and future Angry Samoan Metal Mike Saunders still deserves credit of some sort for being one of the first members of the Fourth Estate to comment on the manufactured pop phenomena that is Huckapoo, Daniel Radosh certainly brought the group to greater prominence.  And as such, Radosh is uniquely qualified to comment on What Went Wrong :

Marketing errors may have had something to do with it. Perhaps they should have spent less time blowing Disney execs (I’m refering only to manager Brian Lukow, of course, not the girls ” that would be wrong) and not enough time cultivating a freaking MySpace presence. Hello, 2006 calling! Or perhaps Lukow didn’t have the clout he thought he did. I mean, he was basically pitching the Huckapoo version of High School Musical three years ago, and if he can’t sell it now, when everyone is looking for the next High School Musical, he’s in the wrong business.