From The Mirror’s Aidan McGurran :

A policeman discussed “every single aspect of sexual intercourse” while texting a girl of 15, a court was told yesterday.

Pc James Beeton, 35, accused of abducting and indecently assaulting her, said: “We talked about it all ways. You name it, we talked about it.”

Beeton said he believed the girl, who cannot be named, was 18 years old.

It is alleged he seduced her through “sex texts” and persuaded her to perform a sex act on him in his car before buying her a hamburger.

Another time, he put his hand on the girl’s knee while taking her and a friend shopping in Nottingham, it was said.

Beeton, who works for Cambridgeshire Police in Peterborough, told Luton crown court he was “sex texting” three females before and after marrying wife Lisa in 2003.

He said he sent about 20 such texts a day – sometimes as his wife sat next to him and sometimes pretended to be a lesbian.

Beeton denies indecent assault. The trial goes on.

(take it from P.c. Beeton, nothing says “eat me” quite like a takeaway burger)