Though Austin’s Trailer Space openly boasts their RSD 11 inventory didn’t include many of the day’s flashier superstar releases (“how does driving to every record store in town looking for a stupid fucking Ryan Adams or Red Hot Chili Peppers 7in really a benefit to the independent record store? 9 times out of 10 once people find out we don’t have it, they just walk about the door, all sorts of pissed off”), they did manage a far more ingenious promotion by offering 50% off to any customer capable of shotgunning 3 beers in 3 minutes.  Kurt, shown above, was one of the 3 people who pulled it off, thus earning deep discounts on Trailer Space’s vast selection of recordings by such superior artists as Air Traffic Controllers the Dirtbombs, Followed By Static, ST 37 or Eat Skull.  Not so many Fabulous Poodles albums, however, but there’s always Cheapo.