Perhaps much more if we’re to trust David Scott of Scott’s Shots who reports the Boston Herald’s Rob Bradford is leaving the paper to take over the reigns at WEEI’s revamped website.

The move is important on several levels and Shots has already been told to expect more dominoes to fall in the market as Murphy and snag other local talents from established media organizations to join the dot-com line-up. The result, Murphy hopes, will be a combination of straight news delivery blended with opinion (blogs) and other, logical extensions of ˜EEI™s terrestrial audio content (and personalities).

Bradford™s leap marks the first time a full-time Boston writer has jumped from print to local web – and Bradford™s going to a radio station, no less. The move is eye-opening, as well as quite telling. Five years ago and certainly 10, the Herald to WEEI switch would have been considered ludicrous. Now, it™s probably Bradford™s best career (and lifestyle ) option and one that many of his peers would relish.

How’s that for a paradigm shift? While the Globe is offering buyouts to veteran scribes (and the CHB is taking potshots at — get this — cricket fans on “PTI”), their crosstown rival might’ve lost the services of the one of the region’s sharper baseball minds …to a radio station that has inspired more domestic violence than ten Super Bowls (in my house, anyway).