I’m gonna leave out the portentous stuff about “love of the game” – all you need to take away from Paul Daugherty’s Cincinnati Enquirer column is the nuts and bolts of a promotion by the ECHL Cincinnati Cyclones:

A steady stream of Bengals fans entered Koch™s Sporting Goods downtown at noon Tuesday, to pay their disrespects to the The Player Formerly Known As Chad. Each carried with him a JOHNSON 85 jersey, and a cathartic need to get rid of it.

The jersey could have been kindling. It could have been a doormat. They wouldn™t have cared. The fact that fans could exchange the nylon keepsake for two tickets to a Cyclones playoff game was a bonus, icing on the cake of betrayal…

Sherry Brabham has brought to Koch™s the Chad jersey of her 12-year-old son Frank. Frank, formerly a worshipper, has left the Chad flock and, Sherry says, is thrilled to be watching the Cyclones for free Wednesday night.

Next up, how ’bout a Chris-Henry’s-guns-for-hockey-tickets swap?