Dedicated readers are no doubt aware longtime CSTB fixture David Roth has a blog of his own these days, Triple Reverse, a vehicle obstensibly designed to compile Roth’s weekly NFL previews for Athlon. But we know the real reason.  You can’t work for a company like Cumbucket Media without serious editorial control, and while he’s living a charmed life so far, Roth knows it’s just a matter of time before my bosses order me to delete one of his controvesial CSTB entries. Having his own blog is a convenient back-up plan for Roth, and it’s a crying shame ESPN’s Bill Simmons isn’t following suit, taking advantage of his suspiciously-designed ‘Sports Guy Unplugged’ to run content his Disney paymasters won’t touch. Like for instance, whatever he wrote last Friday (link culled from Deadspin‘s Marcel Mutoni)

I received a slew of e-mails yesterday wondering what happened to my Friday NFL column and blaming me for being lazy and all the usual crap. Please know that I handed in that column as scheduled – on Thursday night, on time, like I always do — and on Friday afternoon, decided not to run the column. These are the facts.

Not really Le Anne Schrieber‘s territory, but I wouldn’t mind knowing what she thinks of all this.