(possible 2015 NFL MVP)

On Saturday, the New England Patriots fired a new salvo in their public relations defense of improper ball deflation charges in last January’s AFC title game against Indianapolis with the publication of the American Enterprise Institute’s scathing rebuttal to Ted Wells’ report on the incident and cover-up. How this may or may not factor into Tom Brady’s upcoming appeal hearing with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell remains to be seen, but consider for a moment who some of the AEI‘s other cronies are besides legions of see-no-evil Pats fans :

Former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton
Former Vice President Dick Cheney’s lovely wife, Lynne Cheney
Former U.S. secretary of defense and all-around neo-con shitbag Paul Wolfowitz

So congrats to Bob Kraft and Tom Brady on the awesome bedfellows.