(Mayor Tommy makes it very clear that regardless of budget constraints, he’ll doing everything in his power to locate a copy of the first Reptile House 7″)

“Even as I couldn’t possibly be expected to wait 7 more days to watch Jimmy McNulty eat his gun or speak in that unique accent of his,” writes Tim Cook, “my sense of OnDemand entitlement takes a humiliating turn toward starvation.”  From last Thursday’s Baltimore Sun :

There will be no sneak peek via On Demand of the 90-minute series finale of HBO’s The Wire, according to a spokesman for the cable channel.

The finale will premiere at 9 p.m. March 9, and that will be the first time anyone will be able to see it – whether or not they have access to HBO On Demand.

HBO says they are breaking with that pattern so that On Demand viewers don’t “spoil” the finale for those who want to watch March 9. During this season and last, On Demand viewers have often posted details of episodes online in a way that made the spoilers almost impossible to ignore.

While Tim boldly predicts an Obama-Carcetti ticket this November, we’re an hour away from an episode Bethlehem Shoals (spoiler alert!) has called “the saddest shit this show has ever foisted upon us”.  Yep, sadder than Paul Weller covering Dr. John.