The Atlanta Journal-Constitution‘s Sekou Smith notes the Hawks’ 110-90 dismantling of Washington helped the hosts reach the 30 win plateau at the All-Star break for the first time “since the Omni was still open”.  Unanswered, however, is whether or not Joe Johnson (22 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists) could’ve accomplished the feat without a Wizards scouting report provided to by Wizznutzz.

The Wizards have only one rookie this year, Javale McGee. How has he performed? Do you see him as a fixture in the rotation in the future? The fans love JaVale McGee. Everyone around here hopes he will develop into the first coming of Kwame Brown. The kid obviously has talent. In college he was voted to the 2nd Team All-WAC and the 1st Team MAD magazine Writer’s Group. Physically he can be breathtaking to watch. In the same way that a giraffe in the desperate grip of rabies is breathtaking to watch. He is tall, with a game-changing wingspan. But he is also young. On his NBA bio page, under “Book I Read Recently,” he lists “Goodnight Moon” and he says he hopes to “own a Quidditch team” after he retires. Hopefully he can mature into a player like Tyson Chandler. The only problem with players this raw, is how long this might take, and when they do arrive, if it’s in another city.