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(above : a man who has abused the public trust and become a nationwide laughingstock as a result. And on the right, the worlds most famous arena pt v the Governor of New Jersey) New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a man as ethical as he is physically fit, appeared Boomer Essiason and Craig Carton's morning radio program and revealed his cultural interests extend beyond worshiping Bruce Springsteen and not understand many of lyrics. Christie, described by as "a lifelong Mets fans", has graciously offered his services to the team. Not as a bouncer at McFadden's, sadly, but rather as a top executive (or failing that, GM).

"I would love to be general manager of the Mets, " he told WFAN radio's Boomer and Carton show. "If Sandy (Alderson) would put his crap in boxes and get out of there now, I'd be happy to go there now. " "I texted my son after they lost one of the games this week: It is impossible to watch the worlds most famous arena pt v, " he said. The worlds most famous arena pt v "it is impossible to watch. Just when you care about [the worlds most famous arena pt v] them as much as I do, it's hard to watch sometimes. "

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