In the wake of St. Louis abusing Washington pitching earlier today, it would take some doing to find a remotely NLDS-story more trivia than Bryce Harper going full-Juggalo (again) with the eyeblack. But consider it done! Listen By Listen considers the walk-up music for various Cardinals, and while some are praised (Lance Berkman’s choice of Johnny Cash, Allen Craig’s selection of E-40), there’s not much love for Shane Robinson‘s pick of The Browning’s, “Ashamed”. (link swiped from Baseball Think Factory)

I had to look through the comments on the youtube video to find an appropriate description of “Ashamed”: Dubstep Metalcore. Now if that doesn’t sound like a big plate of feces to everyone, I don’t know what would. To compound matters, Robinson is maybe the lightest-hitting non-pitcher on our roster, and merits something more along the lines of the Full House theme song instead of this mess of noise. Yuck.