Racism is a heavy charge to be throwing around. So with that in mind, I’m not so quick to label a website that has taken particular glee in

a) suggesting that Mike Tyson can’t read,
b) wondering if Isiah Thomas can use a computer and
c) mocking Vince Young for his allegedly lower-than-low score on a standardized test.

I’m not saying the blog in question has some kind of agenda in questioning the intellectual capacity of prominent black men or anything. I mean, if that isn’t a demographic their 2 advertisers actually care about, why should the author or publisher?

Young, by the way, is offering you the opportunity to have your picture taken with a Heisman Trophy runner-up and National Champion for just $99. As VY is likely to stroll away with more cash that afternoon than a year’s worth of online casino ads are paying The Whoopie Cushion Family, if nothing else, he’s got a head for business.