In the event Sirius-XM cannot come to terms with a contract extension for the sleeveless dynamo known as Dino Costa this summer, the satellite broadcaster will be faced with the daunting task of finding the right sort of host to occupy Mad Dog Radio’s 6-10pm slot. Since I’m a nice guy, I’d like to suggest the station’s executives take a break from finding Scott Wetzel a remedial reading teacher and consider the skill-set of former University Of Miami DL Dan Sileo (above), who suddenly became a free agent this week after being relieved of his duties at Miami’s WQAM. From The Sun-Sentinel’s Dieter Kurtenbach :

Sileo took to Twitter to comment on his firing, saying: “Want to thank the Folks at WQAM for having me…We differ on content…WISH them WELL and GOOD LUCK..I WILL NEVER CHANGE!!!!”

Sileo followed up that tweet with others calling the station “soft” and that “WQAM isn’t for me” because it feared him.

Sileo came to WQAM after leaving Tampa’s WDAE-AM last March. Sileo resigned after he called three black NFL free agents “monkeys.”

Controversy followed Sileo to South Florida. He was suspended by WQAM in January after sending sexist tweets to Fox Sports broadcaster Erin Andrews.

Sileo’s rant following Miami’s September loss to Kansas State went viral on YouTube and extinguished most favor with the Miami fan base. WQAM is the Miami Hurricanes Radio Network’s flagship station.