Sparing us the most pertinent question from the Angels’ 9-5 win over the Mariners last night, namely, “Who the fuck is Jorge Campillo (and why is he trying to kill Vladimir Guerrero?”), Lookout Landing’s Jeff instead takes issue with the “verbal pestilence” of FSN West’s Steve Physioc and Rex Hudler, asking “I make fun of the Angels all the time for having the least intellectual fan base on the planet, but if these are the guys from whom they’re learning, is it really their fault?”

Rex Hudler (above) complimenting Raul Ibanez for playing through injuries like a professional. Steve Physioc lauding Jeff Mathis for keeping the team afloat after Napoli went down. Both of them heaping praise on Garret Anderson for being so clutch after a weak groundball double and a pop-up single in front of a deep outfield. Physioc saying that if Jered Weaver keeps hitting the same low spot with his fastball, it should be called a strike. Physioc denying that the Angels play in a pitcher’s park. Hudler claiming that Lackey jumping into the mess on the field would “definitely” make the Mariner hitters afraid of him on Sunday. Both of them talking about how Maicer Izturis is a dangerous hitter, because he was fifth in the lineup, and the fifth hitter in a lineup is usually dangerous. Physioc claiming that Campillo’s curveball is his best pitch. And so on and so forth. These are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head. The entire broadcast was a constant, steady stream of statements that were just factually incorrect, and it’s like this every single time.

Everybody jokes about how when a bad announcer starts talking they “put the game on mute,” but Physioc/Hudler really and truly make me consider watching without sound. It’s the only escape. I’m generally able to look past my hatred and admire a lot of things about the Angels organization, but their announcers are a huge problem, and the more they talk, the more blown opportunities there are for the next young fan to grow up with something resembling legitimate knowledge.