Writes Ben Schwartz,

“Besides the news that Diamond Dallas Page and Stone Cold Steve Austin are now roomies, the two former athletes are going low-carb, inventing yoga technique, notably (as seen below) not de-roiding, and as soon as California legalizes gay marriage, who knows?”

From the LA Weekly :

œThis is yoga for the dude who wouldn™t be caught dead doing yoga, says Page, as he preps for our yoga session with an Olympian-size breakfast of 10 eggs, a heaping bowl of oatmeal and a tall glass of greenish liquid. The guys out there may think, œIt™s, like, too girly, but as Page explains it, Yoga for Regular Guys is a œserious fucking workout he created by adopting traditional yoga postures ” sun salutation, downward dog, etc. ” and merging them with the fitness techniques of the Western world, like isometrics and calisthenics. Page has already developed a Yoga for Regular Guys book for release in November 2005, and is currently planning a video and promotional infomercial. œAnd of course, you gotta have lots of hot chicks in G-strings all over the place, he adds. œIt™s gonna be like yoga meets The Man Show.