As Big Chief Triangle continues to play games with the US media from afar, girlfriend Jeanie Buss gave the LA Times’ T.J. Simers a whale of an interview.

“He’ll never marry me,” she said, and I said I understood.

“It’s not me,” she whelped. “He just doesn’t want to get married again,” and I said I understood.

But what about coaching the Lakers again? I asked. Maybe your dad can offer him the job, as long as Phil agrees to give you a ring.

“My dad has got enough to worry about than trying to find me a husband,” she said with a laugh. “All I know is it’s taken me longer to get to Laker games this season, and I’d like Phil to coach again so I’d have somebody to go with me in the carpool lane.”

“Phil needs to go some place that has some level of familiarity,” she said. “That’s why the Knick job is so logical. He understands the town, knows Madison Square Garden, and so I can see that too.

“We had some Garden executives at Staples Center the other night, and trust me, I went over and spent some time with them ” covering all my bases in case he goes back there and I need a seat.”

But why would Jackson want to return to coaching?

“He needs the challenge,” she said. “He’s been driving everyone crazy who is near him; he doesn’t have enough to do.”

She said that Jackson could price himself out of the Laker job before it’s offered, but if necessary, “I’ll stop taking gifts from him and buy dinner,” adding with a laugh, “but then I’ll probably have to ask my dad to increase my allowance.”

(on the other hand, if Phil comes to New York, he can sleep with Brendan Suhr)