For the life of me, I cannot understand why some genetic lottery winner/young millionaire wouldn’t be thrilled to put down the syringe/issue of Maxim and spend quality time with a respected member of the Fourth Estate. Or for that matter, with journalist/author Jeff Pearlman, who takes this week’s Midsummer Classic as an opportunity to share his handpicked lousy interview team. Since Pearlman’s animus for Roger Clemens and John Rocker is already well documented (and even my mom knows Will Clark’s an asshole, sheesh), let’s instead collect a cheap laugh over the following highlights :

C-Todd Pratt: The most arrogant steroid-taking .251 hitter a guy could meet.
2B-Bret Boone: Could actually be an OK interview. But once he gained 40 pounds of muscle in six weeks, I lost interest.
3B-Alex Rodriguez: Never actually bad to me, but completely, utterly, remarkably full of crap and inauthentic.
OF-Jayson Werth: I will never understand punks like this. You possess such a marginal skill”why be cocky about it? Why?

P-Mark Prior: His career is exhibit 1A why it never pays to be arrogant. Because the fall is hard.