With our fearless leader out of blog range over the Atlantic (or maybe just between Texas and the Maritimes at this point), I may as well make this another post instead of updating. From TSN’s Bob Mckenzie (y’know, that never ceases to amuse me):

Sources say the New York Rangers and John Tortorella have an agreement in place that would make him the next head coach of the NHL team, but that the Tampa Bay Lightning have not yet been contacted for permission.

A current NHL on TSN analyst, Tortorella remains under contract to the Lightning for the balance of this season. In order for him to become head coach of the Rangers, he requires the blessing of the Lightning. Sources also tell TSN that the blessing has yet to be granted, however the NHL’s head office is now involved in an attempt to resolve the situation.

Arent you suppose to ask for permission first? Usually, all the other team can say about a fired coach is, “go ahead, relieve of us his salary.” But if the Rangers tampered, however harmlessly, and the Lightning stand their ground, a draft pick or more money could come into play. Just another feather in the Dolan/Sather cap.

Update: “Brooksy” of the New York Post says it’s the Lightning who are being squirrely.