The New York Post’s Phil Mushnick might deserve praise for restraint —- by my count, he’s actually gone a few months without taking any shots at director Spike Lee.

Lee, whom the last time I checked, was neither a professional athlete nor a member of the working sports media, has been a fixture in Phil’s columns over the past two decades, blamed for (amongst other things) children being murdered for overpriced sneakers, racial bias and most damning of all, “Girl 6” being not very good (OK, I threw that one in).

You can add to the list, “being a lousy driver.”

There was reason to believe the Ford Mustang commercial showing Derek Jeter and Spike Lee driving like homicidal jerks through New York City had been pulled due to content. But both YES and SNY, where the ad was often seen, report it was pulled only because its planned run had expired.