So much for that Shawn Marion-to-Chicago rumor (one that was picked up by San Diego’s XEPRS today — hey, they’ve got the internet on computers)

From the New York Post’s Peter Vescey :

Despite how often Mike D’Antoni mocks reports that the Suns would entertain trading Shawn Marion this summer to Chicago or anywhere else, clueless reporters continue the stupid speculation.

“I don’t blame the Bulls or any team for wanting Shawn,” the Suns coach stated last week to a roomful of Phoenix media. “But how would we replace everything he does for us? It makes no sense whatsoever, especially with Amare coming off two surgeries!”

The Boston Herald’s Mark Murphy allows the Celtics’ Danny Ainge to take a bite out of the private-workout scene.

Depending on who is talking, University of Texas all-around center LaMarcus Aldridge and perimeter-oriented Italian big man Andrea Bargnani have the inside track on the top pick, held by Toronto.

Mark Bartlestein insists that his client, Adam Morrison, is the top guy. Tyrus Thomas, the raw LSU freshman forward, has passed through this territory. His agents, Brian Elfus and Mike Siegel, withdrew their invitation to a Thomas workout from the representative of one mock draft purveyor for pairing their athlete with the Celtics at pick No. 7.

But these agent-governed workouts appear to be increasing. Elfus and Siegel, who have yet to send their client on any individual team workouts – much less allow him to work out against another player – have indicated that their client will only work out for the top three teams.

It™s a good thing that in the event Thomas does indeed fall into the Celtics™ lap, Ainge already knows enough to make a decision.

œSometimes workouts can be tiebreakers, he said. œBut what™s becoming more and more bogus is that the agents are putting in more and more restrictions. Guys with late first-rounders want their guys to work out against guys (projected for) the lottery, and guys in the lottery don™t want to work out against guys who are expected to go lower.

œThere are guys you really want to see and a secondary group of guys you want to see if they hold up. But it™s a big thing trying to convince the agents that we™re serious about their guys. It™s gotten worse, but we™re prepared.

I don’t know what you were listening to several years ago, but those guys in Bristol were down with LCD Soundsystem a long time ago. (link ripped off from Basketbawful)