From Peter Vescey in Tuesday’s NY Post.

Kobe Bryant was in such an OH-zone Sunday when he ravaged the Raptors for 81 points, Vanessa apologized and bought him a diamond ring.

History doesn’t pad stats sheets, individual realizations or collective achievements. Owner of three crowns several months before his 24th birthday, Kobe now flaunts not only the second-most prolific scoring summary in NBA annals, his is the only one of the league’s top five not chiseled by Chamberlain.

Wilt and Kobe have another thing in common ” Sam Mitchell didn’t order either one of them double teamed. You’d think after Kobe reached 75, the Raptors’ coach might’ve thought to have two hit men pick him up out of the huddle.

“Our game plan was to concentrate on stopping Sasha Vujacic,” Mitchell clarified, “and I think we succeeded.”

This just in: The Spread Eagle County prosecutor called to say the sex was indeed consensual.