Just days after waxing poetic about the paradigm-smashing capabilites of Falcons QB Michael Vick, I’ll reluctantly sign a different tune. $100 million is a wild sum to shell out for a QB with a 56% completion percentage and totals of 13 TD’s versus 12 int’s this year. That Vick’s legs are his not-so-secret weapons is what sets him far apart from other slightly above average NFL QB’s, and the only guaranteed dough in this extension is the signing bonus. But that’s still $37 million against the cap and we’re still talking about a player who has already lost close to an entire season with a broken leg.

I’ve heard a few talk radio screamers wondering aloud what Tom Brady is worth if Vick stands to earn $100 million. Which is kind of a ridiculous question. If Michael Vick isn’t performing up to the level commensurate with his contract, he’ll be forced to take less money, if not cut entirely. You can thank the NFLPA for that. And if Tom Brady was a year away from being a free agent, he’d have the leverage to command a similar, if not greater deal.