The LA Times’ Mark Heisler reports on an unexpected free agent acquistion for the Clippers.

Looking for help in unusual places, the Clippers are expected to sign Vin Baker (above), the fallen four-time All-Star, out of retirement.

The 6-foot-10 Baker made the All-Star game in his second, third and fourth seasons with Milwaukee from 1995 to 1997, and his first in Seattle in 1998, before his career went off a cliff.

He finally acknowledged a drinking problem as he was shuffled to the Boston Celtics, then the New York Knicks and finally the Houston Rockets in his last three seasons, posting single-figure scoring averages in all of them.

He played in 27 games last season with the Knicks and Rockets, averaging 1.3 points.

There’s no mention from Heilser how Baker’s signing might affect the day to day operations at Vinne’s Saybrook Fish House.

Because it is never to early to crank up the speculation about Larry Brown bailing on a contract, the Chicago Tribune’s Sam Smith has the Knicks coach’s next job all picked out.

James Dolan isn’t particularly enamored with the way Brown has handled the losing and considers him too shrill, according to an associate. It’s unlikely the team would move out Thomas with the sexual harassment allegation hanging over him and Madison Square Garden. It doesn’t appear there will be any movement this season, but one place Brown could land would be in Sacramento. The Maloof brothers, who don’t seem to appreciate all Rick Adelman has done, have the one ownership group that could pay big money for a coach to get back on the personality map. Plus, the Kings have some of the kinds of defensive players Brown seeks.