Apparently, there’s not enough room in Anaheim for two guys that make Jeff Spicolli look postively high energy by comparison. From the LA Times’ Bill Shaikink.

Derek Lowe and Jeff Weaver, friends and teammates on the Dodgers last season, catch up every so often.

“We can talk about our last games and compare notes,” Lowe said.

Lowe got pounded by the Minnesota Twins, giving up nine runs in five innings, an atypical start in a fine season. Weaver got pounded by the Colorado Rockies, giving up six runs in two innings, another dreadful start in a poor season.

They could reunite soon, at little cost to the Dodgers. The Angels might send Weaver to the bullpen ” or release him ” if they cannot trade him. The Dodgers are looking for another pitcher.

“He’s had success here,” Lowe said. “I know he’s happy there. He probably hasn’t pitched the way he’d like to or the way he can.”

Weaver signed a one-year deal with the Angels instead, but he has not pitched well and they have not played well. The Angels would like to make room in their starting rotation for his younger brother, Jered (above)

Jeff Weaver is making $8.3 million this season, but the Angels already have paid half and might pay some of the remaining half in a trade. If they release him and he signs with another team, the Angels would be responsible for all but a prorated part of the $327,000 minimum salary.

Observes Dodger Thoughts’ Jon Wiseman,

An Aaron Sele-like no-harm flyer on (Jeff) Weaver would be a good experiment. It would be worth a shot to see if Weaver can return to the level he showed with the Dodgers at his best, at the risk of finding out he will pitch as poorly as Perez has.