Less than 3 years after his co-host John Dennis was suspended for his infamous “METCO gorilla” remarks, WEEI’s Gerry Callahan finds himself down for the count, courtesy of John Molori’s Media Blitz.

May 1st was designated as the day that many Latinos would stay home from work and boycott stores as a demonstration of solidarity. In response last Friday, Callahan said that it would be a day when œpeople who don™t work can stay home from work.If Callahan dared to leave his home in upscale Andover or his summer refuge in chic Biddeford Pool and drive through nearby Lawrence, MA, he would see hundreds of Latino-owned businesses.

Clearly, many Latino immigrants are going to work every day and, unlike Callahan, they are actually working, not getting a six-figure income to sit behind a microphone for four hours and show everyone the worst possible side of humanity.

On Friday, Callahan said that Latino immigrants œcome to our country, œbreak our laws and collect œfood stamps. How can these insulting racial stereotypes go without some form of punishment?

On Friday, one caller suggested that the United States stop all forms of immigration. John Dennis said that he is œon the fence regarding halting immigration. Callahan responded, œI™m all for the fence. Of course he is. Gerry Callahan is a frightened angry man. He has devolved from a provocative radio personality to a perversely bigoted hate monger.

During that same show, Callahan referred to the May 1st Latino protest as a œgodless Commie day and said that Communists are œin bed with illegal aliens. When the topic moved to Rosie O’Donnell joining ABC™s œThe View, Callahan said that she would appeal to the œbig fat lesbian crowd.

Callahan™s words sound less like the intelligent thoughts of a social commentator and more like the insane ramblings of a bigoted zealot.

Closer to CSTB HQ, the sophisticated Bucky Godbold and Erin Hogan of Austin’s KVET wondered if the protests had anything to do with the film “A Day Without A Mexican”, which they both agreed “was a terrible movie.”