(Knute Rockne’s ghost humbly requests fewer automobile commercials featuring the music of Jet. Thank you for your attention).

Michigan 20, Notre Dame 7
(end of the first quarter)

19 total yards thus far for the mistake-prone Irish (a bunch of penalties, one Brady Quinn INT, a fumble). If the trend continues, it’ll be interesting to see how far the Wolverines move up from no. 11 after beating Notre Dame in South Bend. Not as interesting as learning what Chris Webber thinks of the whole Reggie Bush mess, but it’s not like I have his phone number.

(UPDATE : 27-7, Michigan. Henne and Manningham just combined for a 20 yard TD, their 2nd of the afternoon)

Rutgers 10, Ohio 7 (2nd quarter, 13:52)

A blocked punt set up the first Scarlet Knights’ score, and they almost blocked a 2nd a few moments ago. Ohio’s done a decent job of containing Rutgers’ Ray Rice thus far, but that’s not to say Frank Solich didn’t slip something in his water bottle.

Oregon 10, Oklahoma 3 (6:19, 2nd quarter)

The Ducks’ Jeremiah Johnson fumbled a punt a few moments ago, giving the Sooners possession deep in Oregon territory. I’m enough of a football cretin to figure that giving Adrian Peterson the ball 40 times a game would be enough to get the job done, but the Oregon front four aren’t getting knocked off the line.

The Olney Family Dog was just seen hitchhiking on the Connecticut Turnpike.

Perhaps the Fighting Leitches should take a tip from Minnesota ; schedule some easier non-conference foes.

Nebraska/USC is ABC’s big primetime game tonight, and I’m sure more than a few of you will be watching Clemson/Florida State and Florida/Tennessee with more than passing interest. My own pick for what might be Saturday’s most entertaining contest? Texas Tech’s trip to TCU, a matchup that featured 105 points being scored the last time the Red Raiders and Horned Frogs hooked up in 2004.