Pirates 5, Mets 3 (top of the 8th)

….Heath Bell gets to play the part of Randy Niemann.

(Captain Red Ass makes it very clear to Jeff Kellogg — he’ll call the umpire’s daughter any time he wants)

Mike DeFelice, filling in for the ejected Paul Lo Duca, led off the Mets’ half of the 8th with a ground rule double. I hope the ball was retrieved for the veteran catcher. The Baseball Encyclopedia might claim this wasn’t his first hit, but I’ve never seen it happen before.

Baltimore’s Hayden Penn allowed 6 Detroit runs in the 4th inning tonight at Comerica before being pulled. Incredibly, Penn managed to lower his ERA to 27.00. He’s having some kind of month. The Tigers lead, 15-2 after 6.