I’m sure a few of you are sick to death of the constant barrage of criticism (in CSTB, anyway) aimed at News Corp’s resident Weird Beard, Phil Mushnick. So in the spirit of fairness, I’ve got to admit, he hammered this one in today’s Post.

(WFAN’s) Chris Russo and Mike Francesa: Even by their standards, Know It All and The Village Idiot had a special week.

First, they seriously disseminated some old and widely distributed nonsense – widely distributed, of late, as proof of how people tend to believe and perpetuate nonsense – about the military exploits of Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Rogers.

Francesa told how Lee Marvin’s life was protected by Bob Keeshan (above), later to become Capt. Kangaroo, and how Fred Rogers devoted his life to kids in response to his sorrow for dozens of enemy kills as a Navy SEAL.

Not only did they get had – and Russo seemed to confuse Iwo Jima with Hiroshima – they got had BIG. OK, it happens. But if a caller or competitor had been duped this badly, Russo and Francesa would have destroyed him. Yet, upon learning they’d been had, it became, naturally, a “No big thing” thing.

Hey, fellas, did you know that Buffalo Bob Smith parachuted from a B-17 and landed right on Mr. Green Jeans?