Finally, a ring for Brian Bruney! Sincere congratulations to the New York Yankees and their humble fans on last night’s World Series-clinching 7-3 defeat of the Phillies, a victory that set off wild celebrations…in the executive offices of Modell’s Sporting Goods. While some will hail Hideki Matsui’s astonishing offensive display in Game 6 as history-making, the real postseason mark that matters was set by WCBS’ John Sterling, whose extended, orgiastic moan & groan at the game’s conclusion topped previous efforts by at least a half second. To the ears of Walkoff Walk’s Rob Iracane, Sterling is one half of the game’s finest broadcast team. No, really!

I’ve listened to radio announcers across this great land for years on the satellite and, with the exception of Scully and maybe Joe Castiglione, none of them can hold a candle to Sterling and Waldman. Despite Waldman’s one emotionally-challenged Roger Clemens moment and Sterling’s affinity for quoting lyrics from 1940’s Broadway musicals, there is no greater pair on the radio today.