Based his response in an interview at Lion In Oil, AOL Sports’ Jason Whitlock (above) would have us believe that Dave Zirin has no right to take umbrage at the former’s use of the term “Black KKK.” Y’see, Zirin’s white. (link swiped from The Big Lead)

Q: Have you read Dave Zirin™s, œAn Open Letter to Jason Whitlock. If so, what are your feelings regarding the comments he made?

œI think Dave™s heart is in the right place. But Dave needs to let black people handle this. We need to have this series of arguments and debates. I say this nicely as possible, but Dave just needs to mind his own business. That doesn™t mean non-blacks can™t help. Obviously, some white people played a great role in the civil-rights movement. I don™t know if Dave just wants to draw attention to his blog or what, but he should just mind his business.