OK, I’m regurgitating that line. But the story is slow to die. Days after CBS was asked for a 2nd time not to refer to today’s Georgia/Florida game in Jacksonville as “The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party,” the Florida Times-Union’s Beth Kormanik writes that local officials are doing their part to preserve the puke-tastic tradition, if not the moniker.

From 8 a.m. Friday through Sunday night, it’s legally permissible to hoist a cocktail or any other cold beverage if you’re at least 21 years old and standing in the right parts of town.

The Jacksonville City Council made a specific exemption to allow game-day revelers to drink alcohol on city property when it redrafted the city’s public drinking law last year.

The issue came up after two homeless men arrested for publicly drinking beer in Treaty Oak Park on the Southbank challenged the city ordinance. They argued the police selectively enforced the law by singling them out but allowing tailgaters and other revelers at city events to imbibe without penalty. A judge agreed.

The city responded by creating a special zone encompassing the sports complex where people can legally drink during special events. Those include the Georgia-Florida game, the Gator Bowl and any Jaguars or Suns game.

Outside the zone, drinking also is allowed inside venues such as the Veterans Memorial Arena and the Prime Osborn Convention Center. Otherwise, drinking is not allowed on city property including streets, sidewalks and parks.

Statistics on how many people get tagged for public drinking during the Georgia-Florida game were unavailable. Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office spokesman Ken Jefferson said that members of the Special Events Unit did not respond to the records request Friday because most of them were at the event.

Closer to home, I’m celebrating the World’s Smallest Indoor Cocktail Party by observing Ole Miss’ attempt to upset no. 7 Auburn, an effort that just took a turn for the worse with Brad Lester’s 6 yard TD run, giving the Tigers a 13-10 lead with 6:00 left in the 3rd quarter.

Despite the absence of starting QB Matt Ryan, No. 18 BC and understudy Chris Crane are having an easy time against Buffalo today, carrying a 24-0 advantage into the 2nd half. Who knew that JP Losman had maintained his college eligibility?

Oklahoma’s Allen Patrick isn’t gonna be confused with Adrian Peterson anytime soon, but he’s racked up more than 130 yards against Missouri today with a quarter left to be played and the Sooners leading, 24-10.