I was trying read Kevin Kernan’s NY Post blog account of the Mets’ 4-3 Grapefruit League triumph over the Cardinals today, but couldn’t do so without Andrew “Dice” Clay yelling at me.

Though I didn’t get all of SNY’s telecast, I did stick around long enough to see Jose Reyes go deep off Mike Parsi, and heard Keith Hernandez respond to Scott Spiezio’s solo shot off Jorge Sosa by noting that Raspberry Scroatee is not a color available in the Just For Men family of products.

Minnesota’s Carlos Silva had a rough Spring debut, allowing 5 earned runs (including home runs served up to Johnny Damon and Jason Giambi) over 2 innngs in the Twins’ 6-1 loss to the Yankees. Phillip Hughes’ early struggles have Peter Abraham suggesting he oughta start the season in Scranton, though truly the latter’s great achievement of the spring was being on hand for Damon’s solemn declaration, “you have to have your sexiness at all times. ” Todd Jones couldn’t have put it any better.

Texas locked up SS Michael Young for another 5 years at a cost of $80 million. David Pinto thinks “that’s a lot of money for a player who might have peaked in 2005,” and perhaps Mark Teixeira and Scott Boras might agree.